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We have a defra type 2 and FTA vehicle approved transporting van. We are fully insured and can transport anywhere in the UK. We offer transport with all our pups, doesn't matter if your close or a few hours drive away. Any puppy or dog that travels with use receives 5* care and are handled as we would our own. They will have bedding/ beds in with them so they are comfy, they will have access to water and will get breaks for food. On the breaks they will be cleaned out should they need it and water refreshed. We have heating for the cold weather and fans for hot weather. If we have a litter being transported to their new homes or a few from a litter they will travel with a sibling so they are not lonely on the journey. 

If you want a quote for use to deliver your pup, then please do send me a message. 

Also if you are someone looking for a transporter to deliver your own litter of pups, or your own pet dog, or you want use to collect your pup from someone else then please do get in touch.

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defra approved pet transporter devon
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